Monday, November 07, 2016


Most likely, 48 hours from now, America will have chosen a new President, new senators, congressmen, governors and many ballot initiatives. It's been an ugly and embarrassing campaign on virtually every front. This has resulted in many conversations, tweets and posts with threads of futility and despair. And some of you are saying, "I give up. I'm staying home on election day." Before you do, let me offer a few reasons why you should rethink that. 

Here are objections I'm hearing: 

  • "I'm so embarrassed of all the name-calling, the disrespect, and the lies that I just can't bring myself to attach my reputation to any of these candidates."
Imagine for a moment, saying that to a WW2 veteran. Can you honestly look a WW2 veteran in the eye and say, “I know you put your life at risk, but I’m too embarrassed by the ugliness to risk my reputation on any candidate’s promises.” He or she was willing to not only risk their reputation but their life for their nation. Your reputation on the line with a candidate is really a small thing in comparison. Get over yourself.
  •   “They are all deceitful and self-interested.” 
Unless Jesus is on the ballot, you are voting for the lesser of evils. Of course they are sinners. So are you by the way.
  •  “I can’t vote for either candidate for President.” 
It’s not just about who will become President. You are choosing governors, congressmen, and more. Local government impacts you. It is a privilege to vote if nothing more than for choosing the local sheriff. 
  • "No one represents my values." 
Let the words of Jesus guide you here: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Rather than consider your own values as priority, what is the best candidate and position for your neighbors? Even beyond that, how should you vote considering your children's future and your grandchildren's future? 

Join me in prayerful consideration of the candidates and the issues and vote tomorrow. Research the candidates and do your best. (You might consider as a resource which claims to be non-partisan.)  

I'm voting tomorrow. I hope you do too.


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tom Anderson said...

You are right to remind everyone why we should vote, there are moral principles at play here! Neither one of our Presidential choices will ever fit the morals we want our leader to adhere too! We don't either, however as aptly stated men and women have given their lives to make this opportunity to choose a leader and others to serve our country!
Jesus will never be replaced by another, although they may try, He and He alone is the King above all Kings, our glorious Savior and to Him alone is worthy of all praise!