Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Refresh, Rebuild or Reboot

It's important for a leader to know whether it's time to refresh, rebuild or reboot. 

Before I was a lead pastor, I hadn't noticed the cycles of church life like I did once I was "the guy in charge." The first Memorial Day weekend followed by the summer slump of June freaked me out. Where is everybody? Will they come back? What did I do wrong? I talked with a more seasoned pastor who told me, "This is normal. People need to get refreshed. They will be back. Now relax the tightness in your chest and make sure you get refreshed too."

I'm not a great guitar player but I play a little. One thing the pros told me is that if you have a well-built guitar, it's important to loosen the strings especially when you fly. At 30,000 ft. the altitude changes and pressure changes of a cabin can bow the neck of a guitar if you leave the strings tight the whole time. 

I've found the same thing to be true in life. We need to loosen the strings and get refreshed. When we've been flying high for awhile, the strings of our lives can bow the back, bow the neck and even sometimes, break the heart. 

Every sport has a season when they relax the strings, both literally and figuratively. Why? Because they know you can't keep the hamstrings tight all year long! That first string team needs rest. Those muscles need a break so they can be refreshed. The fans need a break. The coach needs a break. Then when they come back next season they have a refreshed hope and expectation for a new season. 

  • Dad, your son needs a break from competition. Let him relax the strings and be refreshed.
  • Teacher, your students need to loosen the strings in the mind. 
  • Pastor, your church leadership needs to loosen the strings and be refreshed. Give the choir a break. Give the weekly chapels a break. Give the musicians a break. Give the staff a break.
Relax. Loosen the strings a bit so the necks will not be bowed. 

Then when they come back they will be refreshed. Even computer screens need to be refreshed!

Next time, we will look at the second word: rebuild.

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